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OnTime Tech Company provides network design, implementation and IT management services for small to medium size businesses. We administer a wide variety of IT solutions for both business and home users. Our industry certified technicians are knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. Unparalleled customer service is our highest priority. Our goal is to install an efficient network and provide streamlined management options that allow you to focus on your business.

Network Design

Network topology. Dictates how the computers will be connected. Common network topologies include a star, a bus, and a ring.

Network protocol. The format data takes as it passes over the network connection. The protocol determines how the computer sends and receives messages and what type of data compression is used. Ethernet is one of the most popular protocols, supporting data-transfer rates of up to 10 megabits per second.

Network architecture. The network architecture can take one of several forms, including peer-to-peer (in which each computer or node on the network has equal capabilities) and client/server (in which one node, the server, is more powerful and manages network functions for the client, or PC, devices).


The network architect must utilize the right mix of technology to provide adequate network bandwidth for the network users' needs. Network bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted on a network in a particular amount of time.

Video- and graphic-intensive applications require higher bandwidth than simple text-based programs. Bandwidth management software helps identify and alleviate network bottlenecks.

Network administrators also use load balancing to allocate network bandwidth to compute-intensive applications so they won't bring down overall network performance.



IT Management

With the network design and installation complete, the focus shifts to network management and maintenance. Network administrators must ensure the network operates reliably, that its performance or speed is adequate, and that it is secure from unwanted intrusion.

With the advice of internal or external security professionals, network administrators use techniques and technology, including firewalls and user authentication, to ensure data stored on a computer on the network cannot be read without proper authorization.

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Additional Services

Software Development projects cover a lot of ground, from commercial software or internal applications, to client-server or Web-based applications, to new development projects or integrating legacy software. Whether your primary business is software, or you're just trying to keep the business going, Let our partnering organization manage all your software needs...

What to expect

Step 1

Our friendly Network Engineers will meet with you and provide an honest, cost effective, assessment of your technical needs.

Step 2

We will work closely with you and your technical staff in order to build the right network for your business.

Step 3

Need help managing & maintaining your network? Let our Engineers take the hassle out of IT and help maintain your infrastructure. Your sustained growth and success is our business.